Grand Rapids Community College Enrollment Department


Create a piece that can be customized for prospective students based on their program interests. Since the viewbook is the flagship for all recruitment, other recruitment materials would need to fall under the same branding. When evaluating the design we looked at who the main audience would be and how it would be distributed to prospective students. The viewbook would be used for transfer fairs, high school visits, tours, and general recruitment. The solution was creating something that could be adjusted over time rather than spending money reprinting and adjusting every few years. What we did was create a customized folder that allowed for the actual viewbook to be slid into a vertical sleeve so the folder actually was used as a slipcover for the book. On the opposite side, we created several customized slots for department inserts and other supporting recruitment materials. The inserts were stepped in height using for main subjects: important dates, new student checklist, paying for college and department. The departmental section can be customized to the student’s interests on the spot. We created inserts for each department and career path so when a student explained what they were interested in the recruiter would put together the packet specifically catered to their interest.  We felt this ala carte type interaction was a great way to cater to the student’s needs rather than a shotgun approach. This also helped get department buy-in for the new branding.


Art Director + Lead Designer


Amanda Kossack, Designer Leigh Ann Cobb, Photographer Melinda Powers + Julie Murray, Copy

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